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CBFC Directs 20 Major Cuts And Grants Adult Certificate To Akshay Kumar Starrer OMG 2

It appears that controversy has already dogged Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Oh My God 2 even before it has been released. The Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has been monitoring the Amit Rai-directed movie ever since they released the official trailer. Before the release of OMG 2, CBFC has taken all necessary precautions to prevent a situation similar to that of Adipurush. The film was recently assessed by the CBFC’s Revising Committee (RC), and it is scheduled to open in theaters on August 11.

According to the most recent source, the picture has suffered greatly as a result of the film board’s request for significant changes to the movie. Apparently, the board finds some of the scenes to be a little problematic because the plot centers on s*x education.

The film certification board reportedly requested the creators to delete 20 scenes, including the removal of audio and video, according to the most recent media reports. Additionally, they gave the movie an Adult-only certificate, which made the filmmakers upset and uneasy with the revisions.

A source close to the development revealed, “In all, the RC has asked for 20 cuts. These include both visual and audio deletions. On top of it, they have also suggested the makers opt for an adults-only certification. However, the makers are not comfortable with these cuts as they believe that it’ll affect the essence of the film. They are also not okay with an ‘A’ certificate. After all, they feel that the topic of s*x education should be seen by people of all ages. Also, the first part, OMG Oh My God (2012), is very popular with kids. To have an adult certificate for a film in a kid-friendly franchise just doesn’t feel right, in their opinion.”

The source concluded saying, “There’s a deadlock between the two parties as of now. It remains to be seen if they are able to reach a consensus and whether that happens sooner so that OMG Oh My God 2 can release comfortably on August 11, as scheduled.”

According to reports, the OMG 2 producers are working arduously to have the trailer and movie approved by CBFC by this weekend or by Monday in order to prevent any additional delays.

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