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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Byju’s Issues Statement Following NCPCR’s Claims Of Threatening Students For Buying Courses

The edtech business Byju’s “strongly refuted” the assertion on Wednesday that it buys student records, saying instead that it depends on app users, walk-in customers, and incoming requests for advice. Byju’s statement comes a day after NCPCR chairperson Priyank Kanoongo said that the company was allegedly buying the phone numbers of kids and their parents and scaring them that their futures would be wrecked if they did not purchase courses from it.

“We unequivocally deny ever having purchased any databases, and we hope the media will stop from making such an unfounded claim, the statement stated.

The edtech company further asserted that because there are more than 150 million registered students and Byju’s is well-known in India, “we do not need to buy or use foreign databases.”

We stress that only users of our app, walk-in customers, and incoming consultation requests make up our lead funnel. The prestigious Kantar ranking of India’s most dependable brands has BYJU’S at No. 19. We never make cold calls or unannounced walk-in visits because we don’t need to. Any claim to the contrary is categorically denied by us,” Byju’s added.

Customers are allegedly complaining about the company on a variety of consumer websites and social media platforms, stating that they were taken advantage of and duped.

The CEO of Byju, Byju Raveendran, has been called by the NCPCR to appear before it on December 23 after taking cognizance of the situation.

“We learned that Byju buys the phone numbers of kids and their parents, stalks them relentlessly, and threatens to ruin their future. They are aiming for first-generation college students. According to Kanoongo, who was reported by the news agency ANI, “We will take action and, if necessary, we will create a report and write to the government.

Based on a news report that the company’s sales team was engaging in dishonest behaviour to persuade parents to purchase their courses for their kids, the panel took action.

“The BYJU’S sales team is engaging in dishonest activities to persuade parents to purchase their courses for their kids, according to a news report that the Commission has come across. In the news story, it was also mentioned that some consumers had complained of being taken advantage of and duped, putting their investments and futures at risk “As stated in a statement by the NCPCR.

The news report further suggested, according to the NCPCR, that the edtech company had been deliberately misleading clients into signing loan-based agreements for courses that might not be repaid if they so desired.

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