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BJP Calls Out Protest Against Pakistani Foreign Minister’s Derogatory Remarks On PM Modi

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has called out countrywide protest on Saturday against the “derogatory” remarks made by Pakistani foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The remarks have sparked massive outrage all over the country.

“The protests will be held in all the state capitals across the country. BJP karyakartas will burn the effigy of Pakistan and Pakistani Foreign Minister and will strongly condemn the shameful statement of Pakistani Foreign Minister,” BJP announced on Friday.

This comes following a press conference held at United Nations in New York, where the Pakistani foreign minister made some “derogatory” remarks against PM Modi.

Calling the remarks as “highly derogatory and full of cowardice”, the BJP has alleged that the remarks by the foreign minister were made to divert the focus from Pakistan’s lawlessness, anarchy in the country and collapsing economy.

BJP had staged protest on Friday outside the Pakistan High Commission un Delhi. The party further claimed that India’s foreign policy is being praised all around the world, while Pakistan is even facing rejection even from small counties.

“On one hand we have our Prime Minister Narendra Modi under whose leadership India has left its indelible mark on various global fora, and on the other hand, we have Pakistan which has faced ridicule and insult on various international platforms. On one hand, India’s foreign policy is being appreciated globally, while on the other hand, Pakistan is facing backlash from even smaller nations,” said the saffron party.

Party further said, during the Russia-Ukraine war everyone saw how even the Pakistani students were rescued under the guidance of PM Modi.

BJP even called the language used by Mr Bhutto as extremely disgraceful which crosses the decency standards in normal public life.

“Does Bilawal Bhutto even have the stature to comment about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji who is a true statesman and a highly respected global leader! This demeaning statement of Bilawal Bhutto had further lowered the image of Pakistan on the global platform,” said the BJP.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has also hit out at the Pakistani foreign minister for his “uncivilized outburst” against PM Modi and called the comments as new low, even for Pakistan.

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