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Arshad Warsi Goes Down In Memory Lane Of His Performed Roles, Here Is What He Says.

From Sehar’s honest cop Ajay Kumar to Munna Bhai’s faithful companion Circuit or the eponymous Jolly in Jolly LLB, Arshad Warsi has tracked down his direction into our hearts with memorable characters in countless movies. The actor, who was last seen in web show Asur, is teaming up with Akshay Kumar after a hole of 20 years. The team cooperated in Jaani Dushman (2002). The actor, although, would need to consider Bachchhan Paandey his first task with Kumar. “It was a different cinema, it is another story. I would want to think that I have not worked with him before and this is my first time,” he says about the film about ‘ichhadhari naags and naagins’.  Arshad additionally worked in Akshay’s creation, Durgamati (2020).

For working with Akshay he said, “I really like him. I knew of him as a person and actor. I had heard so much about him, but it was always from other people. When you meet him in person and interact with him, that’s when you know that he is really that person. He is really a nice chap, a good person with a pure heart, that’s very important. Maybe, that is one of the reasons that guys like him just go on and on doing good work, they don’t fade out. Everybody wants to cast him, as he is so good to work with, a through professional and a good human being.”

Arshad then, at that point, stressed on how significant it is for him to realize who is the lead actor of the film. “I did Munna Bhai because it was Sanju (Sanjay Dutt), otherwise even Raju (filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani) knows that it is it is a stupid role. It really is on paper, it was nothing. Even Makrand Deshpande had said no to Circuit!”

So what are the factors that he remembers when he is offered a script? According to him, “My listen to any script purely as an audience member. Would I want to see what I am doing? It can be any genre, it could be anything, but it should be something the audience would like to watch. After listening to the story, it is your gut feeling that tells you if you want to do that film or not.”

When questioned as to whether he has not been offered movies to exhibit his actual potential, he said, “There is a luck factor involved too. There is no reason, everybody has their own personality. Everybody has their own path and they go by it. I am someone who takes my time, I am slow and but now I am getting better. My way of life, my way of thinking and my approach towards works is not the optimum way to be in the film industry. To be a lead actor, there is a need for a certain mindset, drive and aggression, and I don’t have that.”

While Akshay is the lead actor in Bachchhan Pandey, the viewers are still very eager to see Arshad’s comic role in the film. So how does that cause him to feel, in the wake of doing satire in the greater part of his film. He said, “It feels great, but my problem is that I am a bit lazy, I don’t do too much work. I need to do more.”

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