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Another Married Woman From Rajasthan Enter Pakistan Legally To Meet Facebook Friend

In a different cross-border tale, an Indian woman who was married travelled across Pakistan to meet a buddy she had purportedly fallen in love with after meeting him on Facebook.

Anju, 34, a resident of Alwar, Rajasthan, but a native of Uttar Pradesh, flew to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the request of her friend Nasrulla, 29.

She is currently in Pakistan’s KPK’s Upper Dir district and is being investigated by law enforcement for entering the country, according to sources.

This occurs after Pakistani national Seema Haider crossed the border into India to meet an Indian man she met through an online game.

Sources stated that Anju, unlike Haider, entered Pakistan lawfully through the Wagah border.

Anju was first in the custody of the Pakistani police but was later freed after the local police confirmed that her travel documents were valid.

Nasrulla, a friend of Anju’s who works in the medical industry, and Anju first communicated online a few months ago.

She has not travelled to the Islamic nation to wed his pal; instead, she is spending a month there on vacation.

Anju and her buddy were freed after senior police officer Mushtaq Khab and the Scouts Major cleared her paperwork, according to a police official at the Dir police station.

Following media reports, a squad of Rajasthan police arrived at her house in Bhiwadi on the Indian side to inquire about her.

Anju left the house on Thursday, claiming to be heading to Jaipur, but later the family learned she was in Pakistan, according to her husband.

“According to Anju’s husband, she left the house on Thursday. She had a valid passport, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Bhiwadi Sujit Shankar.

A 15-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy are the couple’s two children. She has not yet filed a suit on behalf of her family.

Her husband claims that he was unaware of her online conversations.

There are parallels between Anju’s story and that of Seema Ghulam Haider, a Pakistani mother of four who entered India illegally in 2019 to live with Sachin Meena, a Hindu guy she met through playing PUBG.

As she continues to make efforts to remain in India and is under investigation by security officials, Haider has continued to make headlines.

After the ATS inquiry, she was released from custody and insists that she is not a spy and wants to stay in India.

According to sources, the pair decided to wed in the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal in March of this year in order to take their romance to the next level. The couple first interacted in person in March of this year in Kathmandu, where they shared a hotel room from March 10 to March 17 before their first date.

On May 10, Seema travelled from Pakistan to Nepal via Karachi and Dubai while in possession of a 15-day tourist visa. She travelled through Nepal, stopping in Pokhara for the night. The following morning, May 12, Seema boarded a bus from Pokhara and travelled to the border district of Siddharthnagar in Roopandehi-Khunwa (Khunwa).

She came to Greater Noida with her four children via Lucknow and Agra, where she has been staying with her lover ever since.

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