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Andhra Pradesh HC Rejects CID’s Interim Application To Depute 2 DSPs To Monitor Chandrababu Naidu On Bail

On Friday, the Andhra Pradesh High Court denied the CID’s temporary request to assign two DSP rank officers to accompany TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu while he is granted medical release. The purpose of the officers’ assignment was to keep an eye on Naidu’s whereabouts and provide the court with regular updates.

Nonetheless, the court restated the terms of the bail order.

The high court rejected the CID plea, ruling that an interim bail granted for health reasons should not be interpreted as equivalent to a jail bail.

The CID was represented by Additional Advocate General P Sudhakar Reddy, while Naidu was represented by D Srinivas.

The former chief minister’s right to private would be violated, according to Naidu’s attorney, and the court accepted this claim.

The TDP supremo was ordered by the court, meanwhile, to refrain from organising or taking part in any public gatherings or rallies in relation to the Skill Development Corporation Scam case.

It reiterated the requirements it had placed in Naidu’s bail order and told him not to give any inducements or to make any threats or promises to anyone who is aware of the case’s facts.

It further directed him to surrender before Rajamahendravaram Central Prison by 5 p.m. on November 28 and to refrain from discouraging anyone connected to the case from revealing the facts to the court or any other authority.

Following the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s October 31 temporary bail of four weeks under medical grounds in the Skill Development Corporation Scam case, Naidu left the Rajamahendravaram central prison after 53 days of incarceration.

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