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Andhra Pradesh CID Still In Search Of Answers To Questions Posed By Chandrababu Naidu

According to his wife Bhuvaneswari, A.P. Crime Investigation Department (CID) agents are still looking for solutions to the inquiries made by former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu during their most recent questioning.

The TDP national president, Mr. Naidu, was recently interrogated by CID agents for two days at the Rajamahendravaram Central Prison, where he had been housed since his remand on September 10. The case involved a $371 billion skill development scam.

Ms. Bhuvaneswari was speaking to the crowd during a relay hunger strike that was held here on September 27 in protest of Mr. Naidu’s allegedly wrongful arrest in the case.

During “Mulaqat” on September 25, Ms. Bhuvaneswari recalled her conversation with her husband and how Mr. Naidu had reportedly asked the CID for clarifications on a number of charges brought against him in the case. The officers were still looking for answers.

“Over the course of his 45-year political career, Mr. Naidu has engaged in a number of judicial disputes. In any case, his adversaries have failed to frame him. Not a single FIR has been filed against him, she claimed.

Ms. Bhuvaneswari congratulated the party officials, women, and young people for showing support for Mr. Naidu.

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