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Anushka Sharma Recalls About Dating With Virat Kohli

On the set of a television commercial, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli first became acquainted. From that casual encounter grew a love story that has millions of their supporters rooting for them today. When the couple initially began dating, they were aware that they hailed from different worlds, including films and cricket, but there were many more differences between them as well. In a recent discussion, Anushka revealed one of those differences.

Anushka, in an interview with Virat, at Puma HQ, shared that she felt that Virat would make for a good husband because “his memory is so good.” “When we were dating each other, one of the things I was very impressed with… I was like, ‘yaar, yeh toh life partner hi acha hai’ (he is going to be a good life partner) because his memory was so good,” she shared.

She continued by saying she “can’t remember anything.” I won’t remember my phone. Everywhere I go, I keep forgetting things. I have selective memory, yet I don’t forget anything about my daughter. Virat is really good at recalling details, she said.

Anushka responded, “There’s a bit of Scorpio trait a little bit,” when asked if remembering everything ever becomes a “problem”. Scorpios have no memory loss. “Live and love,” I say. He recalls stuff she said a month ago, Virat remarked, and Anushka chuckled and said, “He will remember some 3000 year old stories.”

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