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AIMIM Chief Owaisi Throws Challenge To Rahul Gandhi To Contest In Lok Sabha Next Year

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, has been challenged by AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi to run for Lok Sabha from Hyderabad, the former’s stronghold.

“Abki baar Wayanad nahi, abki baar Hyderabad (Contest elections from Hyderabad and not Wayanad),” said Owaisi, referring to Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency in Kerala.

“You [Rahul Gandhi] keep giving big statements, come to the ground and fight against me. People from Congress will say a lot of things, but I am ready,” he said at a public meeting in Hyderabad on Sunday, September 25.

Days prior to Owaisi’s attack, Rahul Gandhi unleashed a scathing tirade against the four-time Hyderabad MP, accusing him of having ties to the BJP and pointing out that no federal agency are looking into him.

“There is no evidence to support AIMIM. Only the adversary is fought. Modi never disparages his own citizens. After the Congress announced its poll promises in Telangana last week, the Gandhi scion addressed a crowd in Tukkuguda and said, “He regards your CM and AIMIM leaders as his own, and therefore, there is no case against them.”

According to Gandhi, the Congress is battling not only the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), which is in power in Telangana, but also the BJP and the AIMIM. He said, “They call each other distinct parties, yet they are colluding.

Owaisi’s AIMIM is notable for not being a part of the INDIA bloc, which consists of 28 opposition parties and includes the Congress. Owaisi has really called for the formation of a “third front” and has been highly critical of the political front, declaring that he “doesn’t care about it.”

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