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Aditya Thackeray Slams Raj Thackeray Over His Protest Threat Against Loudspeakers

On Friday (April 15, 2022), Maharashtra Minister Aaditya Thackeray slammed Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) president Raj Thackeray for threatening to stage protests if loudspeakers were not removed from outside mosques by May 3.

“It’s all right. Instead of removing loudspeakers, it is preferable to utilise them to discuss growing inflation. Prices of gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) should be discussed. And, without going back 60 years, let us talk about what has transpired in the recent two to three years “When questioned about the BJP and MNS distributing loudspeakers, Mr Thackeray told reporters in Mumbai.

Political tensions in the state have risen in recent days, triggered by Raj Thackeray’s comments over the loudspeakers.

Raj Thackeray has issued a warning to the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) administration that if loudspeakers are not removed from mosques by May 3, MNS activists would place speakers outside mosques and play the Hanuman Chalisa.

Mr Thackeray described the matter as a societal problem and said that he would not back down on the issue, daring the Shiv Sena administration to “do whatever you want.”

“If mosques’ loudspeakers are not turned down by May 3, we shall play Hanuman Chalisa via the speakers. This is not a theological problem; it is a social one. I’d want to inform the state administration that we’re not going back on this, so do whatever you want “MNS’s CEO said.

Mr Thackeray further urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raid mosques in Mumbai’s Muslim neighbourhoods, claiming that the people who live there are “Pakistani sympathisers.”

“I urge Prime Minister Modi to raid the Madarasas in Muslim shanties. These shanties are home to Pakistani sympathisers. The Mumbai Police Department is aware of the situation… Our MLAs are utilising them as a vote bank; many of them do not even have an Aadhar card, but the MLAs are getting them created “he said

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