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Absconding TMC Leader Accused In Sexual Violence In Sandesh Finally Arrested

Police reported that Sheikh Shahjahan, the head of the absconding Trinamool Congress (TMC), was caught early on Thursday morning. He is accused of sexual abuse and land grabbing in the village of Sandeshkhali. He was taken into custody from his hiding place, a residence in Minakhan, North 24 Parganas district, according to a news source citing police.

Later on, ADG South Bengal Supratim Sarkar told the media that Shahjahan had been taken into custody in relation to the incident involving the attack on ED officials.

“Shahjahan was arrested late on Wednesday night from Bamanpukur area at Minakhan in North 24 Parganas. He was arrested in connection with the case related to attack on ED officials on January 5. He was one of the principal accused in the case. Several other cases have been lodged against him after protests broke out in Sandeshkhali earlier this month. Those are being investigated,” Sarkar said.

The TMC strongman is currently being held in the Basirhat court jail and is scheduled to appear in court later today.

“Shajahan Sheikh has been arrested. We welcome the steps of state (West Bengal) police. Our leader Abhishek Banerjee pointed out that due to some parts of the order from the honourable High Court, state police had been restrained from taking any action. After he pointed out the problem, honourable High Court removed the restrictions and the police became free (to take action),” TMC leader Kunal Ghosh said.

Protests have been taking place in Sandeshkhali, North 24 Parganas district, in response to allegations of sexual abuses and land grabbing by Sheikh Shahjahan and other local Trinamool Congress officials.

After last month’s attack on Enforcement Directorate officials in Sandeshkhali, Shahjahan was on the run.

The TMC leader has been eluding capture for weeks, putting pressure on the West Bengal government.

Amidst cries for arrest, political party delegations and members of civil society organisations headed for the conflict-torn village of Sandeshkhali, where tensions persisted.

Days after the TMC promised that the accused would be taken into custody quickly, Shahjahan is finally apprehended. The government’s dedication to enforcing the law, according to TMC Rajya Sabha MP-elect Sagarika Ghose, is demonstrated by the recent arrests of important aides connected to Sheikh Shahjahan.

She denied any sheltering or protection, saying the Bengal Government and the TMC are actively trying to make sure justice is done.

“No one is being shielded; no one is being protected. No one will escape the law…The TMC and the Bengal Government are on the ground; they are working and there is every reason to believe that Sheikh Shahjahan will be arrested very soon,” TMC Rajya Sabha MP-elect Sagarika Ghose told news agency on Tuesday.

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