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Aamir Khan Opens Up About Divorce With Kiran Rao, Calls Separation ‘Biggest Mistake’

Today is Aamir Khan’s birthday! A day ahead to turning 57, the actor got candid in one of his latest interviews where he talked about his separation with ex Kiran Rao and how he calls this separation a ‘biggest mistake’. Aamir and Kiran had divorced last year, leaving fans with many doubts. He had two failed marriages one with Reena Dutta (they were hitched for a very long time amd have two kids Junaid and Ira Khan) and afterward Aamir wedded Kiran (they were hitched for quite some time and have a child Azad Rao Khan). While talking in an interview, the Laal Singh Chadda actor going back in his life, choices and admitted he was more into work than his family.

Aamir even discussed the reason of his divorce with Kiran. He had said that Kiran would let him know that he shouldn’t change personally and at whatever point they examine something as a family, he looks lost.

“Somewhere I didn’t shoulder my responsibilities. I would start with my parents, my siblings, my first wife – Reena ji, Kiran ji, Reena’s parents, Kiran’s parents, my children, all these people I am talking about are my close ones. When I was 18, when I joined the film industry, I got so absorbed, I wanted to learn so much, I wanted to do so much that I somewhere today I realise people who were close to me, I couldn’t give them time the way I wanted to. They are important to me,” he said.

When asked about Aamir even accepted that the act of separation was out of selfishness. “I was trying to build a relationship with my audience and I gave so much to that relationship, from my time to emotions. I have laughed with my audience, I have cried with them, I have held their hand. They also encouraged me at the same time. I have given them hope through my films like Taare Zameen Par. I have given all my time to my work and I made that relationship very strong. I thought my family was with me anyway. I just wanted to win the hearts of the audience at the time. And, I got completely lost, so much so that I forgot my family was waiting for me,” Aamir further said.

Now the actor says that he regrets for not spending time with family back then. “It’s my biggest mistake (not being able to spend enough time with kids). But I won’t blame my profession for it. Today, Ira is 23 but when she was 4-5, I wasn’t there for her. I was busy with films. Every kid needs their parents because when you are a child you have your own fears and hopes. But when she needed me the most, I wasn’t by her side to hold her hand when she would get scared. And, I know that moment will never come back,” said Aamir.

At last he summed up his divorce with Kiran as, “We are working together. We live close by. But we are no longer husband and wife and that’s why we decided to call it quits.”

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