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A Five-Judge Bench In Calcutta HC To Hear Bail Pleas Today In Narada Bribery Case

A bench of five judges at Calcutta High Court will hear Narada bribery case today against four accused political leaders. Three of them are from ruling Trinamool Congress of West Bengal.

The four leaders are currently under arrest and out of those four a key minister Firhad Hakim was involved in a fight against Covid-19 in Kolkata and was allowed to work from. The other three were in hospital initially after the arrest but later went under house arrest.

A dozen of TMC leaders have been accused in Narada bribery case for either accepting bribes or giving it but the CBI has submitted a charge sheet against the four leaders. Out of those named under the case two of them has joined BJP.

Last week, the central security forces went with CBI authorities to the homes of the four leaders on Monday, carried them to the CBI’s primary Kolkata office and arrested them.

As Trinamool allies fought outside the CBI office, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sat in dharna inside. The CBI special court heard the case virtually and allowed bail to the four. Be that as it may, when the CBI looked for the transfer of the case to the High Court, their bails were required to be stayed.

But later on Friday a division bench of two judges at the Calcutta High Court did not agree on granting an interim bail to the four accused and ordered for their house arrest.

Now this five judge bench will hear the bail pleas of the four and the CBI’s request for transfer of the trial to the HC.

The Narada case involves a 2014 sting op by a journalist who posed as a businessman planning to invest in Bengal. He gave wads of cash to seven Trinamool MPs, four ministers, one MLA and a police officer as a bribe and taped the entire exchange.

The Narada case includes a 2014 sting operation by a writer who acted like a money expert wanting to put resources into Bengal. He gave wads of money to seven Trinamool MPs, four clergymen, one MLA and a cop as a pay off and recorded the whole trade.

Those recording were released in 2016 just before the assembly elections in the state.

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