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3rd Explosion In Just 5 Days In Punjab, Police Arrests 5 People

Punjab Police has arrested five people after an explosion near the Golden Temple in Amritsar last night.

Around 1 am today an explosion was heard near the Heritage Street, Amritsar.

It is the third explosion which took place in just five days.

The first blast took place on May 6, while the second took place on Monday and today the third took place near a popular tourist place in the city that is just two kilometres away from the Heritage Street near the Golden Temple.

In a coordinated action, both Punjab Police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have collected forensic samples from the site and is conducting the investigation.

The explosives used in the blasts were having two health drink cans, said the officials.

The explosive were crudely made without using shrapnel, said the police.

In last two blasts one person in each was injured that happened on Monday and on May 6.

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