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10 Police Vehicles Failed To Track Baleno That Hit Anjali In Delhi

At least 10 vehicles, including PCR vans and night patrolling units, were pressed into service to track the grey Baleno on the tragic night of the Kanjhawala horror, when 20-year-old Anjali was dragged to her death by a moving Baleno. However, the car could not be tracked due to dense fog, according to news agency citing police sources. According to the complaint, the automobile dragged Anjali 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala while avoiding authorities by using side roads and tiny streets. Several contradictory statements have been made by those questioned by the police as the inquiry is ongoing.

The primary witness in the case, Nidhi, who was with Anjali when the accident occurred, asserted that Anjali was under the influence of alcohol that night and was coerced into operating the scooter. The assertion was denied by Anjali’s relatives, who asserted that they had never heard of her having any Nidhi. Reha Devi, Anjali’s mother, informed reporters that her daughter never drank alcohol and never returned home intoxicated.

Nidhi has now admitted to the police that their outing on December 31 was their first time spending time together. According to Nidhi, she had only known Anjali for 15 days. Anjali and Nidhi were discovered to have gone to a hotel to attend a party. Anjali and Nidhi’s names were used to reserve a room, and the hotel staff was provided with their Aadhaar cards. At the hotel party, seven individuals who were being questioned by the police were overheard conversing with them.

On Wednesday, Anjali’s family doctor claimed Nidhi had lied about her being intoxicated because the autopsy report did not indicate that any alcohol had been found in her stomach.

Although Nidhi’s negligence is suspected—she failed to call the police, let Anjali get dragged by the automobile, and went home quickly after the collision—the topic of why she emerged right after Anjali’s funeral ceremonies has been raised by Anjali’s family. “Why is she not terrified today if she was scared back then? This was a plot by Nihi “The maternal uncle of Anjali remarked.

The most recent CCTV footage from the area outside Nidhi’s home shows Nidhi arrived back at her house shortly after the accident, at around 2.30 am.

Anjali suffered 40 injuries to various parts of her body while being dragged for around 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala. She also had numerous contusions, abrasions, and lacerations. Her cerebral tissue was gone. Anjali was reportedly pinned on the left front wheel of the vehicle with her head pointing toward the trunk.

Following numerous calls received at the PCR, three PCR vans from Kanjhawala, the Hoshambi border, and Aman Vihar were among the ten vehicles that were out that night attempting to locate the car.

The sooty was discovered in an accident by a police van, and as no one was around, it was presumed that they had gone to the hospital. More than 12 hours later, on Sunday afternoon, the Baleno automobile was discovered.

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