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Security Beefed Up In Delhi After Blast Near Israel Embassy. No Casualties Reported

Following Monday’s explosion outside the Israel embassy in New Delhi, the area’s security has been further up. The incident has been confirmed by the embassy, and there have been no reports of casualties or injuries.

Two suspects were reportedly seen on camera close to the explosion scene, and efforts are now being made to locate and detain them. Additionally, Delhi Police is examining video from surrounding cameras to piece together the suspects’ path to the embassy and identify any possible collaborators.

A news agency was informed by sources that a typewritten letter addressed to the Israeli embassy’s ambassador and wrapped with an Israeli flag was discovered close to the explosion location. The letter, written in English, talks about Israel’s actions in Gaza and mentions ‘revenge’, sources said, adding that a group identifying itself as “Sir Allah Resistance” claimed responsibility for the blast.

After the explosion, the area was temporarily blocked off and eventually reopened. On Wednesday morning, elite National Security Guard (NSG) dog squads and forensic teams arrived to examine the location. Investigators from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) were on the scene. The explosion is being investigated by the Delhi Police as well.

At about five o’clock on Tuesday evening, there was a loud explosion reported close to the Israeli Embassy in Chanakyapuri. According to an anonymous caller who got in touch with the Delhi Police, there was an explosion on an abandoned plot of land behind the mission. Special police teams and bomb squads were dispatched to the scene, and a search was carried out. Nevertheless, nothing questionable was discovered there.

The incident was confirmed by the Israel embassy, which also announced that an inquiry is under progress. “We can confirm that there was an explosion close to the embassy at approximately 5:08 p.m. Guy Nir, a spokesman for the embassy, stated on Tuesday night that the Delhi police and the security team are currently looking into the circumstances. The incident resulted in no injuries to embassy officials.

After a protracted police investigation, a note near the explosion scene was discovered wrapped in an Israeli flag. Retaliation was stated in the one-page typed letter, which sources said news agency was “abusive” in nature and harshly attacked Israel’s activities in Gaza. The police have not provided any other information regarding the letter.

“Experts have examined the spot and lifted exhibits that may have evidentiary relevance. The same are being sent for forensic examination,” Delhi Police said in a statement.

The authorities stated that no evidence of burned explosives was discovered at the location. According to the news agency, scientists are now considering the potential of a “chemical explosion”. The facility has also been inspected by a team from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), an anti-terror investigative body.

According to a statement from the Israeli foreign ministry, Israeli authorities are working with their Indian colleagues to determine what caused the incident.

Since Israel declared war on the Palestinian terror group Hamas in response to the latter’s surprise attack on Israel on October 7, Israeli missions around the globe have been on high alert.

After the incident, the embassy and other Israeli establishments in India were subject to increased security measures. The explosion happened in Chanakyapuri, a diplomatic area in the nation’s capital that is home to numerous foreign embassies.

A blast near the embassy in 2021 caused damage to many cars. The spouse of a diplomat was hurt when a bomb was placed beneath an Israeli embassy vehicle in February 2012.

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