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Sahil Accused Of Killing 16-Year Old Girlfriend Finally Confesses To Police

According to police sources, Sahil, who was sentenced to two days in police prison for the murder of a 16-year-old girl in Shahbad, Delhi, has admitted to the police that he was the girl’s killer.

According to the sources, when the accused was shown CCTV footage, he said, “I am the man in the video. I killed Sakshi.”

For the previous two years, Sakshi and Sahil had followed and known one other on Instagram.

The 16-year-old victim received 21 stabbings. The assault was so vicious that at one point the murder instrument, a knife, got caught in her head. A short while later, the murderer picked up a boulder that was nearby and began hitting the victim. Nobody attempted to stop the assault or intervene as he hit her with the boulder five times while it was being passed by onlookers.

The accused was questioned by Delhi Police officers on May 29 night after they had taken him into custody in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.
In the Bawana Police Station, Sahil gets detained. The culprit did not express any regret or remorse for the horrible crime throughout his questioning, according to Delhi Police sources.

The distraught mother requested that the accused be given the death penalty and argued that the offender should be hanged. She added that her daughter made no comments regarding Sahil.

“I don’t know why he killed her. Now, only the CCTV footage and the authorities concerned can reveal how and why he killed my daughter,” she said.

The girl’s father has also said that the murderer should be hanged. “My daughter was stabbed many times, her head was also bludgeoned into pieces. We demand stringent punishment for the accused,” he said.

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