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OTT Platform Not Ready To Stream Uncut Version Of ‘OMG 2’, Reveals Amit Rai

On October 8, Netflix will premiere Akshay Kumar’s “OMG 2.” Director Amit Rai had previously stated in an interview with Hindustan Times that they will release an unedited version of the movie on OTT that had received approximately 27 cuts. However, the strategy now appears to have changed.

The filmmaker recently announced that the theatrical release of OMG2 will also be made available on a streaming service in an interview with the news agency. Rai questioned CBFC’s (Central Bureau of Film Certification) working style and said, “I don’t know what apprehensions they have. They don’t even know what discussions happened inside the film. Censorship is the country’s law, and the CBFC passes a film on their basis, deciding to show it to the country’s citizens.”

Further, the director added, “I think that an OTT platform (Netflix), which is present worldwide and has a presence in every nation, would not go against a country’s censor board. There might even be a standard policy related to that we won’t go against any country in showcasing our content. It could be a possible reason why they are not showcasing the film with the deleted scenes.”
Amit expressed his frustration over the decision and shared how the CBFC is hell bound is go forward with its decision despite several protesting against the same.

Amit voiced his displeasure with the ruling and explained how the CBFC was compelled to uphold it despite several objections.

“They are showing the same film that the Censor has passed, ab ispe aur kya hi kar sakte hain. Whether they agree with the censor or not, is not the question. They are not going to make any modifications. Saara desh ne chilla chilla ke bola par phir bhi censor ko sunaayi nahi deraha, toh koi kuch nahi kar sakta,” Rai expresses his frustration.

One of the allegedly omitted scenes was a truck advertisement for condoms that the CBFC decided to remove from the movie. Rai points out a double standard, stating, “The shot of a condom ad on a truck is cut from the film by the CBFC, but when I went to watch Gadar 2 in a theatre, which is a U/A certificate film, and it had a condom ad in which Kartik Aaryan is asking a girl about her preferred flavor for a condom, that can be shown? It is pure hypocrisy. Can the kids watch that now?”

‘OMG 2’ is a follow-up to the popular 2012 film ‘OMG: Oh My God!’ and continues the theme of questioning social prejudices and naive faith.

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