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Kangana Ranaut Files Extortion Case Against Veteran Lyricist Javed Akhtar

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer said that she too had filed a case against the veteran Bollywood lyricist even after she appeared in the magistrate court in the defamation case filed by Javed Akhtar. Ranaut has accused him for extortion and criminal intimidation, among different charges. She has asserted that in a public question with her co-star Hrithik Roshan, Akhtar called her sister and her to his home at Juhu and undermined her and constrained her to tender a written apology.

In the mean time, Ranaut’s legal advisor Rizwan Siddiquee said she has likewise moved a petition before the chief metropolitan magistrate looking for an exchange of the defamation case from the in-control court in light of the fact that she has “lost faith” in it. He said they were “not comfortable” under the court and felt it was “biased against her.” The exchange request will come okay with hearing on October 1.

The filed petition by Ranaut against Akhtar said, “The said accused (Akhtar) even had the audacity to then force me to tender a written apology to my said co-star (Roshan), thus, forcefully seeking to create a document (valuable security) in favour of my co-star.”

Her petition also said that she was intimidated by the dire outcomes and told by indulging in the public fight with her “most powerful co-star and his family” she will be making her life hell as she will be in jail and later take her own life. She also said that her moral character was also harmed by some of the statements. “The accused through his acts of crimes has thus wilfully caused me immense mental torture and trauma which still continues to have a disturbing effect on my mind,” said the petition.

The actress said that instead of an apology a defamation case was filed against her. “I state that my family has now permitted me to proceed with this complaint against the accused,” her petition said.

Ranaut’s lawyer said, without there being an order on record and providing any sufficient cause, the court was threatening issuing “an arrest warrant”.
While, Akhtar’s lawyer opposed his submission and stated the transfer petition filed before the SC is already disposed of. The veteran lyricist argued that the actress was intending to evade legal proceedings.

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