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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Harsh Reality Comes Out As Son Aryan Khan Not Even Allowed To Meet Parents

Aryan Khan, who is currently imprisoned in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail, has not been permitted to see any of his family members since his arrest. The horrifying reality is revealed to this reporter by a close friend of the Khans. “They’ve been trying desperately for visiting rights. Achcha chalo, visiting right nahin toh kam-se-kam ek baar apne bete se milne toh do (okay fine, if not visiting rights than at least let them meet their son once). But they are being denied even that.”

The parents, particularly Aryan’s mother Gauri, appear to be becoming increasingly worried. “She is distraught. She has every reason to ask why her son is being held captive by a hardened criminal and why he is denied fundamental human rights such as seeing his parents. He’s only a child. This is not how he should be treated. He has never been convicted of a crime. He is well-behaved and courteous to all. “For what is he being held?” the befuddled friend ponders.

While the parents’ chances of seeing their kid again are riding on the outcome of the bail hearing on Wednesday, we can only imagine what Shah Rukh and Gauri must be going through.

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