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Dunki Sets High Records In Advanced Bookings, Film To Be In Cinemas On 21 December

Shah Rukh Khan’s new film Dunki is all set to hit the cinemas this Friday (21 December). Before this, the film makers held an exclusive screening of the film for the members of censor board committee. With huge number of advance bookings, it’s been m said that Dunki has gotten a heartfelt applause at its censor board screening in Dubai, UAE at Voc Films.

The audience’s fervor is very well seen on the huge advanced bookings where the film has started setting records.

Following the interesting Dunki Drop 4, the trailer of the film, fans are enthusiastically waiting for the film that guarantees a variety of feelings. The early trends have surpassed Rs 2 cr in gross for the first day for the film in India

What’s more, presently after first shows of Jawan and Pathaan, Dunki gets very first 5.55 am show. The film is set to be in cinemas on December 21, 2023 across the world, and SRK’s most followed club, SRK Universe, has coordinated shows of Dunki at north of 1,000 screens around the world, which is a record for any Hindi super star.

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