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BJP To Speak To Haryana Govt To Obtain More Water To Delhi, Says Atishi

In the midst of Delhi’s water crisis, Minister Atishi stated on June 16 that the BJP should speak with its Haryanan government in order to obtain more water for Delhi and that the situation would not improve if the Centre did not step in.

In a letter sent today, Ms. Atishi pleaded with Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora to send officers to guard important pipelines in the nation’s capital.

Speaking to news agency, Ms. Atishi said, “Yesterday, the main water pipeline of South Delhi, which comes from Sonia Vihar, provides water to the entire South Delhi, there was a leakage in that water pipeline. It seems that some conspiracy is going on and I have also written a letter to the Police Commissioner today in this regard.”

“I have also spoken to the Police Commissioner that the main water distribution lines should be provided security by the police. But this is not the time for allegations and counter-allegations, this is not the time for dirty politics. There is a whole life for allegations and counter-allegations. I would request the BJP to talk to its government in Haryana and get more water for Delhi. If the central government does not intervene in this situation, it will not improve,” Ms. Atishi added.

The maintenance staff spent six hours trying to fix the leak, which made the South Delhi water situation worse, according to Ms. Atishi’s letter to the Commissioner.

“Our maintenance team worked for six hours continuously and repaired the leakage, but this meant that we had to stop pumping water for 6 hours and 20 MGD of water was not pumped during this time. As a consequence, a further 25% of water shortage will be experienced in South Delhi,” the letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner read.

Meanwhile, the BJP held a protest against water crisis in the National Capital.

Subsequently, at Delhi’s Najafgarh, BJP MP from West Delhi Kamaljeet Sehrawat and other party members staged a “Matka Phod” (break earthen pots) protest.

Mr. Sehrawat also examined a water pipeline in Dwarka, noting that while the AAP Government is occupied with blaming other State Governments, a lot of water is being wasted due to faulty pipes.

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