Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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116 Killed In Northwest China After 6.2 Magnitude Quake Hits In Freezing Night

At least 116 people were killed after an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude hit Northwest China and buildings collapsed. Soon after reporting of the incident rescue operators started digging through the rubble in the lowest temperatures.

In the Gansu province, the tremors killed 105 and around 400 were injured, said the officials.

In another city Haidong, 11 people were killed while, 100 were injured, state broadcaster CCTV showed.

The 6.2 magnitude quake collapsed buildings and resulted into significant damage. People started running onto the street in order of safety as they felt strong tremors.

A video on social media posted from an account linked with the state-run People’s Daily newspaper showed a woman of around age of 30 saying, “I was almost scared to death. Look at how many hands and legs are shaking”.

“As soon as I ran out of the house, the earth on the mountain gave way, thudding on the roof,” the woman said further as she she sat swaddled in a blanket outside.

Taking stock of the situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for “all-out-efforts” in rescue and relief operations. The rescue operation continued till early Tuesday.

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