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Friday, December 8, 2023
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NCB Discovers False Framing Of Aryan Khan And Lapses In Investigation

The former anti-drugs official Sameer Wankhede who arrested SRK’s Son Aryan Khan in drugs case has been accused  by the Narcotics Control Bureau of owning properties which are not even proportionate to his income and has even made several trips with his family abroad.

The investigating agency has even accused Mr Wankhede and some others of demanding worth ₹ 25 crore from SRK’s family and if they fail to do so then they will frame Aryan Khan in a false drugs case.

The report filed by the NCB further stated that few names from the list of suspects were dropped after names of Aryan Khan and his friend Arbaaz Merchant were added at the last moment.

During a raid, the officials even found a suspect with rolling paper but they allowed her to go.

While the CCTV footage of NCB office collected by a team of investigating officers had gone corrupt. The DVR and Hard Copy of the night when Aryan Khan was arrested and the NCB’s Mumbai team were both different, said the report.

From 2017 to 2021 Sameer Wankhede made 6 foreign trips with his family, said the NCB report. The countries where we went included Maldives, Ireland, South Africa, UK and Portugal. .   

The report even alleged the former NCB officer of having a series of expensive watches and accessories.

Alongside this, Mr Wankhede owns 4 flats in Mumbai and also 41,688 acres of land in Washim.expenses

The Income Tax returns filings of Mr Wankhede and his wife appear to show their income as 45,61,460 which is totally disproportionate to their expenses.

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