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Yoga Guru Ramdev Blames Film Industry At Launch Of Anti-Drugs Campaign In UP

The controversial yoga instructor Ramdev gave a speech on Saturday that has since gone viral in which he made comments about “Bollywood and drugs” and specifically targeted Salman Khan’s son as well as Shah Rukh Khan’s son.

While Ramdev was giving a speech in Uttar Pradesh to mark the beginning of an anti-drug campaign, he gave the impression that he was blaming the film industry and movie stars for the spread of illegal narcotics.

“Shah Rukh Khan’s son (Aryan Khan) was discovered doing drugs at a drug party and he went to jail. Salman Khan does drugs. I don’t know about Aamir Khan. God knows about these actors,” claimed the Yoga teacher while addressing a big assembly in Moradabad, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

In the film industry, drugs are everywhere. There are drugs in Bollywood, and there are drugs in politics, he railed against during a three-day “Aryaveer Sammelan.” “Who knows how many film stars take drugs. And women – even worse. In the film industry, there is drugs everywhere,” he said.

“Liquor is provided throughout the election process. We ought to make a commitment that India must be free from any and all forms of drug addiction. For this purpose, we will begin a movement.”

Ramdev made the accusations without any evidence, and none of the celebrities he identified responded to him after he made them.

The arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the “drugs-on-cruise” case from the previous year resulted in no charges being brought against him since there was insufficient evidence. After being held for twenty days, he was released on bail.

After the unexpected passing of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the year 2020, a number of people associated with the film industry were questioned as part of an inquiry into an alleged “Bollywood-drugs nexus.”

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