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Widespread Violence In Bengal Amid BJP’s Protest Against Corruption In TMC

During a large-scale BJP protest march to the West Bengal Secretariat ‘Nabanna’ against the allegedly corrupt policies of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government in West Bengal, widespread violence was observed. The fights on the streets outside the famous Howrah Station from the 19th century reportedly injured police officials, BJP members and politicians, including Mina Devi Purohit and Swapan Dasgupta.

Suvendu Adhikari, a BJP politician and the LoP in the West Bengal Assembly, was detained for a few hours as confrontations broke out between BJP supporters and law enforcement outside the Raniganj train station. Adhikari and other BJP members were detained by the police when they were traveling to Nabanna to take part in the Nabanna Abhiyan. When the demonstrations in Howrah became out of hand, police had no choice but to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the BJP members.

The BJP politician Meena Devi Purohit is said to have been abused by male Kolkata Police officers. The National Commission for Women (NCW) has requested that the officials face harsh punishment. After discovering a video recording of Meena Devi being violently abused by male police officers during the massive “Nabanna Cholo” on Twitter, the NCW acted.

The West Bengal Chief Secretary has been asked to produce a report on the alleged police atrocities committed against BJP leaders and supporters during the protest march by a division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Justice Rajasrshi Bharadwaj of the Calcutta High Court.

The BJP responded to Trinamool Congress (TMC) questions about the protest’s motivations by asserting that it was against suspected corruption in the West Bengali government. Adhikari criticized the TMC for its “dictatorship” while asserting that Mamata Banerjee was “making West Bengal like North Korea.”

The senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Meena Devi Purohit was allegedly abused by police, according to the National Commission for Women (NCW), who demanded harsh punishment for the police officials involved. “In accordance with the aforementioned regulations of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, you are compelled to file a FIR and take severe punishment against the negligent male police personnel. The cruel treatment of the woman by a male police officer demonstrates the ineffectiveness of law enforcement in Kolkata, and tighter rules and regulations must be implemented to stop such police acts “In a letter to Kolkata Police Commissioner Vineet Kumar Goyal, the NCW made these statements.

In the meantime, the BJP has filed a case in the Calcutta High Court challenging the police crackdown that occurred today in Kolkata on its leaders and workers during their march. The West Bengal Home Secretary has been asked to report to the HC on today’s BJP event. By September 19, the report must be turned in. The HC has also instructed the police to prevent any unauthorized detentions and to make sure that no public property is harmed.

Suvendu Adhikari, a BJP leader who had been held earlier in the day during the party’s Nabanna Chalo march, has finally been released by the Kolkata Police. After being freed, he stated: “More than 200 workers were hurt, many of whom had broken hands and feet. We’ll fight to stop it. The BJP will hold a press conference to discuss the party’s next agenda.”

In an exclusive interview with a news organization, BJP MP Dilip Ghosh firmly asserted that BJP workers were not responsible for setting the police car on fire. He accused the Trinamool Congress administration of abusing the police to silence BJP supporters who are speaking out against corruption under Mamata Banerjee’s leadership. Ghosh also criticized the TMC government for detaining Partha Chatterjee in connection with a teacher recruitment case, Anubrata Mondal in connection with an alleged livestock smuggling case, and Abhishek Banerjee in connection with an alleged coal scam.

During the BJP’s “Nabanna Chalo” march in Kolkata, footage of the moment the police van was set ablaze is now available to news organizations.

Amit Malviya, a senior of the BJP, claimed that Mamata Banerjee, the leader of the Trinamool Congress, sent TMC cadres to throw stones at the police so that BJP could subsequently be held responsible.

Subhas Sarkar, a member of the BJP, alleged that Trinamool provoked those participating in the peaceful protest. He questioned the TMC administration as to why authorization for the march to Nabanna had not been granted.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Sougata Roy unequivocally refuted police highhandedness against BJP workers in a statement to a news agency. He criticized the BJP and asserted that members of the opposition party have stoned police officers. He claimed that members of the saffron party are hooligans who want to cause chaos at any costs.

Meena Devi Purohit, a former deputy mayor, and numerous other BJP members are said to have been hurt in altercations with the police.

BJP’s “Nabanna Chalo” march against the state administration in Kolkata saw a police vehicle set ablaze.

A BJP member who joined other party members in calling for a “Nabanna Chalo” march was beaten by West Bengal Police officers in Kolkata – watch video

Sukanta Majumdar, the head of the West Bengal BJP, and other saffron party officials were detained and brought from the protest venue in a police van.

“Bengal is rising up in opposition to Mamata Banerjee and her family’s rapacious plunder of the State’s riches. The Bengali people’s struggle to overthrow Mamata Banerjee and her tinpot authoritarian rule is currently being led by the BJP. It will occur faster than she anticipated…, “Amit Malviya, a BJP leader, said.

“We’ll remain seated here and carry out our protest. Will talk about the strategy with the senior leadership. Police halted us, which led to altercations “BJP state president Sukanta Majuimdar.

Barricades with multiple levels have been put in place to prevent protesters from reaching the secretariat building. Police, RAF, and water cannons are all there in large numbers.

On BJP members attempting to scale barricades, police use water cannons and lathi charges. In response, protesters start throwing stones at police officers.

After state-police attempted to quell “Nabanna Cholo Abhiyan” riots in West Bengal, the BJP declared that the state’s chief minister “Mamata Banerjee is modern-day Hitler” and was a tyrant.

In response to the BJP workers’ appeal for the Nabanna Chalo march, police in West Bengal used water cannons and tear gas to disperse them.

Suvendu Adhikari, a BJP leader and LoP, was seized by West Bengal police as hostilities between demonstrators and law enforcement grew at the Nabanna Chalo rally. Mamata Banerjee, according to Adhikari, is transforming West Bengal into “North Korea.”

West Bengal: Following the BJP’s Nabanna Chalo march, a group of party members cross the Tribeni River in a boat to go to Nabanna. Suvendu Adhikari and Locket Chatterjee, two party leaders, were stopped and held by police today while traveling.

“Because CM Mamata lacks the backing of her constituents, she is imposing a dictatorship in Bengal that is reminiscent of North Korea. Police will be held accountable for its actions since today, BJP is coming, “Suvendu Adhikari, the LoP, before to the BJP’s Nabanna Chalo march

Barricades with multiple levels have been put in place to prevent protesters from reaching the secretariat building. Police, RAF, and water cannons are all there in large numbers.

Prior to the BJP’s Nabanna Chalo march, police heavily barricaded Hastings near the state government’s new Secretariat in Kolkata.

The police stopped buses carrying BJP members traveling to Kolkata to take part in the Nabanna Chalo march.

BJP workers in their hundreds were seen in local images traveling by rail to Kolkata to join the Nabanna march. To prevent them from taking part in the Nabanna rally, the West Bengal police blocked off the entrances to the railroad stations. “Near the Durgapur train station, the cops stopped 20 of our employees. I took alternative routes to get here, “BJP Leader Abhijit Dutta remarked, according to a news source.

Police should support protesters rather than prevent them from participating in the rally in order to maintain peace and order, according to BJP Leader Roopa Ganguly. Former TMC official and current Leader of the Opposition in the West Bengal Assembly Suvendu Adhikari claimed that the state has become into “North Korea.” “Mamta Banerjee’s government is crooked, and she has transformed Bengal like North Korea,” Adhikari claimed of his employees’ protests.

Manojit Mandal, the leader of the TMC, defended the police action against BJP officials and questioned the BJP’s point of protest. According to Mandal, who spoke to Times Now, “they should protest against something legitimate like price rise and inflation.” According to the BJP, people would demonstrate in the streets against “corruption” in the West Bengali government.

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