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Why You Should Not Celebrate Good Friday ?

The world will observe Good Friday on April 2 this year. It is seen by Christians a day before Easter to celebrate the torturous killing of Jesus Christ at Calvary Hills. As indicated by the Bible, Jesus was killed to death in the most fierce manner. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). It says that he was beaten, tormented, and made to convey his own cross prior to being killed on it. Good Friday additionally denotes the finish of more than a month long of fasting called Lent. It is a period during which Christians pray, fast and give offerings.

There are several beliefs. It is believed that the day Jesus died was Friday. But why then call it ‘good.’ Religious people firmly believe that Jesus sacrificed his life to show his love for mankind. It is also being said that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Despite it being a terrible day, it paved the way for the salvation of mankind as Jesus resurrected and came back to life two days later i.e. on Sunday. Christians marked it as ‘Good’ as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

It is believed that Jesus died on Friday. However, why at that point call it ‘good.’ Religious individuals solidly accept that Jesus forfeited his life to show his affection for humankind. It is likewise being said that he sacrificed for the sins of the entire world. Notwithstanding it being an awful day, it made ready for the salvation of humankind as Jesus restored and returned to life two days after the fact for example on Sunday. Christians called it as ‘Good’ as a symbol of triumph of good over evil.

People also believe that it is originated from the term ‘God’s Friday,’ others thinks Good as holy and hence call it ‘Good Friday’.

This Good Friday is also called as ‘Silent Friday’ or ‘Black Friday’. Christians observe this day by offering their prayers and confessing sins. Good Friday is viewed as the most serious and miserable days. This is the reason one should not wish anybody on this day.

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