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Who is Disha Ravi ? Is She She Key Conspirator in “Toolkit” Conspiracy ?

The 22 year-old Disha Ravi was inspired to join climate activism by her grandparents who are farmers.

A 22 year-old climate activist, Disha Ravi had been in a limelight in recent days in the case of in question “Toolkit” conspiracy which claimed to be defamatory to Indian government and was in support of farmers. The “Toolkit” was tweeted by an international climate activist Greta Thunberg which was later deleted by her.

The “Toolkit” was alleged of a proof of a global conspiracy against Indian government and had all the detailed structure of the incidents which took place on Republic Day. With Several allegation on “Toolkit” by various Union Ministers and pro-government Twitter handles, The Delhi Police has arrested Ravi on Saturday from Bengaluru on the charges of “sharing and spreading” the toolkit.

Earlier the Delhi Police claimed Khalistani groups behind the creation of the “Toolkit” but now they are calling Disha Ravi, the “key conspirator” for the creation of the “Toolkit” and is also alleged of collaborating with “pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation to spread disaffection against the Indian State,” by the Delhi Police.

She was presented before the Delhi Court earlier on Sunday where she denied of being part of any conspiracy by saying, “I was just supporting farmers.” She added that she didn’t create the toolkit, and just made two edits to it. After this she was sent in a five days of police custody for further questioning.

The 22 year-old Disha Ravi was inspired to join climate activism by her grandparents who are farmers. She is a student of Mount Carmel college.

Ravi is also one of the co-founders of Fridays For Future (FFF) which is an offshoot of the climate movement started by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

In an interview ‘Citizen Matters’ Ravi was heard saying, “The idea of not having office-bearers was so we keep the process transparent. Whoever is interested in working with a certain aspect pitches in.”

She has been featured in few international articles for her active participation in climate activism from her concerns regarding the visible climate crisis which India and other countries are currently facing  

In an article on climate activists of colour she was quoted as saying, “The fact that you would choose to listen to a white person on the same issue rather than a person of colour, to me, is environmental racism.”

Apart from this she has also written various editorials and is currently working at Good Mylk, which is a company of food production from plants.  

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