Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Uttar Pradesh Becomes The Model For Coronavirus Management

There were neither any testing facilities nor any beds in the state when it detected its first covid-19 case, told the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath praised the efforts of everyone involved in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic in the state and told that their efforts have been recognized all across the globe.

He told that the international organizations like WHO have praised the coronavvirus management of Uttar Pradesh for dealing with the pandemic and their initiative of inaugurating BSL laboratories in both government and private hospitals digitally and for other facilities.

There were neither any testing facilities nor any beds in the state when it detected its first covid-19 case he said. But the district hospitals, medical colleges, private hospitals and all central institutions have together worked to overcome the pandemic which is the result of achieving this management recognition all around the world.

The chief minister said that the state has grown its capacity for testing from 72 cases per day to lakhs of cases per day.

With the situation now being normalizing the state has tested crores of cases and will be on testing and improvement till the pandemic ends.

Referring to the BSL laboratories he said that these laboratories are not just focusing on the coronavirus but on various other diseases too, said the chief minister Adityanath. The state will stop its dependence on Pune institute he asserted.

“It is a matter of happiness that not just government medical colleges but private medical colleges are also contributing in a big way and trained manpower is available in the private sector,” he said in a statement.

Uttar Pradesh has also shown good outcomes in checking encephalitis on which the state has not paid heed for over 70 years, he further said.

With effective planning, a medical college in the state that used to witness up to 1,200 encephalitis deaths annually has recorded 21 fatalities due to the disease this year, he pointed out and said an audit will be conducted in order to see how the number can be brought down further.

In last he has urged the administration and all others to contribute equally in providing a good health facility in the state and ultimately to every citizen of the country.

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