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UP Govt To Send Teachers For Mohalla Classes Amidst Threat Of Corona Spread.

The School Education and Literacy Department has sent a proposal of running Mohalla classes to the Department of Disaster Management for approval. Once the disaster management gives it approval, the Mohalla classes will start, said sources.

But is this a right time do so ? It has come out to be a major concern since the education department has proposed for the same.

The UP government has taken the proposal very seriously as it has ordered for conducting Mohalla classes are for those students who are deprived of education due to non-availability of digital equipments. This comes amid the country is battling Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the order the teachers will have to go to the villages and collecting 4-5 students and teach them.

The schools are shut as physical interaction may spread the virus easily but now if teachers will interact with students then they may be exposed to the virus. So, it will be a better option to call students in rotation.

If both the teachers and the students maintain social distancing and follow the Covid appropriate behaviour then too there is a problem as the teachers are not vaccinated which is again a serious threat.

The other issue is that it is still not clear whether there is any facility for teachers to travel to villages everyday and if there is no facility keeping in mind the pandemic, will not the virus spread then ? The children who will come in contact with these teachers during the classes, is it not a threat to the children ?

Earlier it was going to be online, which could not happen and now teachers are being called for administrative work but that is again not a problem but any physical interaction at this stage should be avoided.

Besides these Mohalla classes, the education department has also initiated education through radio and television. The broadcast is being made available on All India Radio and on Doordarshn. These broadcasts are made available for government school students.

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