Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Union Home Ministry Approves UP Govt’s Proposal To Rename 2 More Places

According to suggestions from the state administration, the Union Home Ministry has approved renaming two locations in Uttar Pradesh, according to officials on Tuesday.

According to an official, the ministry gave the “no-objection” certifications for altering the names of the municipal council “Mundera Baazar” in the Gorakhpur district to “Chauri-Chaura” and the village “Telia Afghan” in the Deoria district to “Telia Shukla.”

The home ministry evaluates requests for name changes in accordance with the regulations in place after consulting with the relevant agencies.

After receiving approval from the Ministry of Railways, Department of Posts, and Survey of India, it issues a “no-objection” certificate to change the name of any location, according to another official.

A presidential executive order is required to change a village, town, or city’s name.

The official continued that renaming a state necessitates a simple majority in Parliament to modify the Constitution.

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