Friday, October 7, 2022
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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Two Suspects Attack Intelligence Office In Mohali

The Punjab Police’s intelligence office in Mohali was attacked by rocket-propelled grenade on Monday evening from a distance of 80 meters, said sources.

The sources said, two suspects came in car and attacked the office with grenade from around 80 meters.

The rocket-propelled grenade was not aimed but they were thrown randomly, the sources also said.
Now, the investigation team and the officers from the intelligence are looking into the CCTV footage.
The sources claimed that the rocket may have been thrown by drone as there have been an increase in use of drones for transporting explosives and weapons in the state for past few weeks from Pakistan.

At the third floor of the Intelligence office building a minor explosion was occured, which shattered the windows and damaged the property.

The Superintendent of Police Harvinder Sandhu, also said that RPG was thrown at the building. In response of the incident, the National Investigation Agency has said that it will send a team of intelligence officials to investigate into the matter.statement

“A minor explosion was reported at the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in Sector 77, SAS Nagar at around 7.45 pm. No damage has been reported. Senior officers are on the spot and investigation is being done. Forensic teams have been called, ” the Mohali Police said in a statement.

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