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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Two Major Blasts Near Kabul Airport Kills Around 60 Civilians And 13 US Troops

The Islamic State on Thursday struck the crowded gates of Kabul airport in a suicide bomb attack which killed scores of civilians with about 13 US troops, disturbing the airlifting of thousands of Afghans frantic to flee.

The health ministry of Kabul said at least 60 civilians were killed in the blasts. A video shot by Afghan journalists showed many bodies tossed around a canal on the edge of airport. It is said that two blasts have shook the area, said witnesses.

The Islamic State told that one of its suicide bombers aimed at “translators and collaborators with the American army”.

The American deaths, which rose from 12 to 13 on Thursday according to the US officials, were expected to be the most US troops killed in Afghanistan in a solitary episode since 30 personnel died when a helicopter was shot down in August 2011.

The attack was executed as the US forces rushed to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan, after President Joe Biden said the United States had quite a while in the past accomplished its original rationale for attacking the country in 2001: to uncover al Qaeda militants and resist a repeat of the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Biden promised to go after the culprits of Thursday’s blasts and said he had directed the Pentagon to plan how to strike ISIS-K, the Islamic State associate that claimed responsibility.

“We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” said Biden during televised session from White House.

Dead bodies were in the trench by the airport fence, video from the scene showed, some being fished out and laid in stacks while wailing civilians looked for friends and family.

“For a moment I thought my eardrums were blasted and I lost my sense of hearing. I saw bodies and body parts flying in the air like a tornado blowing plastic bags. I saw bodies, body parts, elders and injured men, women and children scattered,” said an Afghani who was trying to get to the airport. “That little water flowing in the sewage canal had turned into blood.”

The US fatalities were the first in action in Afghanistan in last 18 months, a reality expected to be refered by critics who blame Biden for foolishly leaving a steady and hard-won status-quo by ordering an unexpected pullout.

General Frank McKenzie, chief of US Central Command, said the US would proceed with evacuations, taking note of that there were still around 1,000 US residents in Afghanistan. Yet, a few Western nations said the mass airlifting of civilians was reaching a conclusion, probable to leave no chance for a huge number of Afghans who worked for the West through twenty years of war.

He said US commanders were getting ready for more attacks by Islamic State, incorporating rockets or vehicle-born bombs aiming at the airport.
“We`re doing everything we can to be prepared,” said McKenzie.

Brutality by Islamic State is really difficult for the Taliban, who have guaranteed Afghans they will carry harmony to the country they quickly prevailed. A Taliban spokesperson depicted the attack as done by “evil circles” who might be smothered once foreign soldiers leave.

Western Nations are afraid that Taliban who once shielded Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda, will permit Afghanistan to transform into a heaven for the militants. However, Taliban says that the country will not become any shelter for the terrorists.


A 24 year-old civil engineer, Zubair who aas just 50 meters away from where the suicide bomb exploded said, he was trying to enter the airport with cousin from past week. He had all the papers allowing him to travel to the United States.

“Men, women and children were screaming. I saw many injured people – men, women and children – being loaded into private vehicles and taken toward the hospitals,” he told. He also said that after the explosions there was gunfire.

Washington and it’s partners had already been alerting people to leave the encompasses of the Kabul airport citing the possible terror attack.
In the previous 12 days, Western nations have evacuated almost 100,000 individuals. Yet, they recognize that thousands will be left behind after Biden’s order to pull out all soldiers by Aug 31.

Now in the remaining few days of airlifting, mostly the troops will be withdrawn. European countries and Canada have already declared end of their airlifts.

The US president has ordered all soldiers out of Afghanistan before the month’s over to follow a withdrawal deal with the Taliban negotiatef by his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden scorned calls this week from European partners for extra time.

The breakdown of the Western-supported government in Afghanistan got US authorities unsuspecting dangers switching gains, particularly in the rights of women and girls, a huge number of whom have been going school and work, when prohibited under the Taliban.

Biden has supported the decision to leave, saying US forces couldn’t remain endlessly. However, his critics say the US force, which were once over 100,000, had been decreased lately to only two or three thousand, as of now not engaged with battling on the ground and mainly bound to an air base. It was a negligible portion of the size of US military contingents that have remained in spots like Korea for quite a long time.

Fighters asserting devotion to Islamic State started showing up in eastern Afghanistan towards the end of 2014 and have gained reputation for outrageous violence. They have claimed responsibility regarding suicide attacks on civil citizens, government targets and ethnic and partisan minorities.

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