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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Telangana BJP President And MP Bandi Sanjay Detained Ahead PM Modi’s Visit

Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival to the state, Telangana BJP President and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar was arrested after midnight on Wednesday at his home in Karimnagar.

According to reports, a police squad went to the MP’s Karimnagar home and arrested him.

As Bandi Sanjay’s supporters and party members attempted to block the cops, this led to a tense situation.

Bandi Sanjay was seen being dragged by police officers before being forced to remain in a police van.

He reportedly went to the police office at Bommala Ramaram in the Nalgunda district.

Premender Reddy, the general secretary of the BJP in the state, reported that Bandi Sanjay had been detained by authorities well after midnight. He has been unlawfully kidnapped from his Karimnagar home.

Where would Bandi Sanjay go if they had started any judicial proceedings in the morning? This is only being done to obstruct Telangana’s PM Modi initiative, according to Mr Reddy.

“Why did this move against a member of Parliament need to be taken at midnight? Which crime and lawsuit are involved? They don’t provide any information to us. To Bhongir he is being transported. How come he’s being brought there? Mr. Reddy asked more questions.

“We are speaking out against the KCR administration over the issue of the question paper leak, which is why we are taking this action. All of this is against ‘Democracy,’ he claimed.

Following Bandi Sanjay’s arrest, Telangana BJP leaders declared that a statewide demonstration would be organised.

Mr. Reddy continued, “We intend to stage a statewide protest against the police action against the BJP State President.”

On April 8, PM Modi is slated to travel to Telangana to launch a number of other construction projects as well as the Vande Bharat Express train from Secunderabad to Tirupati.

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