Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Taliban Keeps On Attacking Women And Children Breaching Peace Promise

The Taliban, since reclaiming control over the force in Afghanistan, have guaranteed peace and said they would regard the privileges of women, however the truth on the ground is something different.

Photographs and videos rising up out of Kabul show that Taliban warriors are utilizing sharp items to beat back women and kids who are frantically attempting to enter Kabul air terminal in a bid to leave the country.

The insurgents likewise started shooting to drive the crowds back from the air terminal, the videos showed. Los Angeles Times correspondent Marcus Yam posted a portion of the photos on Twitter on Wednesday and claimed that about six were injured, including a woman and her kid.

Fox News got a video, which it claims shows Taliban warriors wandering around the roads of Kabul and different places and starting to shoot while searching for ex-government workers. The channel likewise detailed about an occurrence in Takhar region where a woman was killed by Taliban fighters on Tuesday for being out in the open without a head covering.

CNN conveyed a report which had chilling insights regarding whipping of a woman in Faryab region in July. The fighters thumped on the entryway of Najia, in a distant town, and requested that she cook food for 15 warriors, said the CNN report. At the point when she told the Taliban fighters that she is poor and will not have the option to cook food, they began beating her with their AK-47 rifles, tossed a projectile in the following room and escaped as the flares spread. The report depended on the record given by Najia’s daughter Manizha.

Last week, the United Nations asserted that in excess of 1,000 regular folks had been killed by the Taliban and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that since August 1, somewhere in the range of 4,042 injured individuals had been treated at 15 health facilities.

However the Taliban have denied focusing on and killing people during their hostility against Afghan government troops, the United States government has disproved the claims.

The Taliban, battling since their 2001 ouster to remove foreign powers, held onto Kabul on Sunday after a lightning offensive as US-drove Western pulled out under a deal that incorporated a guarantee from the agitators not to assault them as they leave.

In their first news briefing since taking over Kabul, the Taliban proposed they would force their laws more delicately than during their previous time in power, between 1996-2001.

“We don’t want any internal or external enemies,” Zabihullah Mujahid, told Taliban spokesperson to media.

Women would also be allowed to work and study and “will be very active in society but within the framework of Islam”, he said.

Yet many women have expressed their dubiousness. “They have to walk the talk. Right now they are not doing that,” said Pashtana Durrani, 23, an Afghan girls’ education activist.

Local media reports have said that many women were requested to find employment elsewhere during the Taliban’s quick advance across Afghanistan.

During their past rule, likewise directed by sharia religious law, the Taliban had prevented ladies from working. Girls were not permitted to go to class and women needed to wear all-encompassing burqas to go out and afterward just when joined by a male family member.

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