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Symptomatic Patients Without Covid-Test To Get Vaccine Immediately After Recovering

According to representatives of the ICMR’s national Covid task force, symptomatic patients without lab-confirmed Covid are now permitted to receive the vaccine shot immediately following full recovery, but testing positive still necessitates delaying the shot by three months as per the original protocol.

These standards are applicable to all eligible recipients choosing the vaccine, including those receiving a preventive dosage and teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17. Given the considerable percentage of people suffering from flu-like symptoms at home, the relaxation is important. It’s possible that the bulk of these individuals never took a Covid test.

“Covid immunization is advised by the US Centers for Disease Control following recovery from flu-like illness. Given the extremely low likelihood of Covid reinfection in the first three months, it is customary to postpone the shot for three months “Dr. Sanjay Pujari, a specialist in infectious diseases and a member of the ICMR task group, said.

“This aids in the wise application of vaccines. If Covid is not present, the patient can still receive the shot and continue their immunization regimen after they have fully recovered from their illness.”

ICMR had previously stated in its guidelines that unless the interaction fell within the high-risk category, a Covid test was not required for persons coming into contact with a Covid patient (the elderly or people with co-morbidities).

The most recent set of government regulations also got rid of the requirement to examine asymptomatic close relatives of patients. “Only after they have recovered and completed the requirements to stop isolation can people with symptoms who haven’t had a Covid test receive the immunizations. Close contacts should also hold off on vaccination until they meet the requirements (seven-day quarantine), according to “Pujari declared.

Head of the Covid task force in Maharashtra, Dr. Sanjay Oak, “Those who are aware that they are Covid positive should wait three months to get vaccinated. However, those who are symptomatic but have not had a Covid test should hold off on getting the shot until they have fully recovered, which could take up to a week.”

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