Monday, October 18, 2021
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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Sonia Gandhi asks Centre to wake and follow duties amid spiralling Covid crisis

Amid the rising Covid-19 crisis in the country the Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday asked both the Centre and the state governments to wake up from their sleep and take actions against the situation brought by the disease. Speaking through the video message she said its time for the government to fulfill their duties.

She even advised that the central government needs frame a national policy to overcome the pandemic.

The Congress leader asked the Centre to ramp up the vaccine production and start free vaccination for every citizen of the country.

With offering full co-operation from Congress she urged the government to take strict action against those involved in black marketing of any Covid related supplies like medicines, Covid drugs, oxygen etc. She also stressed upon the significance of testing.

Additionally Ms Gandhi also asked the central government to provive Rs 6,000 financial assistance to every poor family to survive during the pandemic.

Last week the Congress president had approved setting up of control rooms to help people in distress and to facilitate bettwe coordination among the party’s state units about the relief activities.

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