Friday, December 8, 2023
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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Siddaramaiah And Shivkumar Continues To Fight CM Race As Decision Still Pending

The decision for final Karnataka Chief Minister is still not clear, however following the meeting of DK Shivkumar with Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge it is anticipated that he is going to be the state Chief Minister.

The party high command is likely to wait for one day more as it will hold meetings today for announcing the final decision tomorrow.

Before the continues meetings for deciding who will lead Karanataka, Rahul Gandhi also met with Mr Kharge in afternoon on Tuesday.

Both Siddaramaiah and Shivkumar met the Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge individually in the national capital. Siddaramaiah even met the general secretaries of party Randeep Surjewala and KC Venugopal.

Both the leaders will remain in Delhi today as well as there is scheduling of further meetings.

DK Shivkumar who has served one full term is stressing that as being the state party chief who led party’s successful campaign in Karnataka should be given priority to become the Chief Minister. He has even said that he will not join the government if he is not chosen as the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah stressed over the support among the legislators which he continues to enjoy.

Siddaramaiah had arrived in Delhi on Monday, while DK Shivkumar arrived the national capital on Tuesday. Now, both the leaders will return back to Karanataka only after the final decision is taken.

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