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Shraddha Kapoor’s Brother Siddhanth Gets Bail In Alleged Drugs Case

Siddhanth Kapoor, brother of Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor, was arrested for alleged drug consumption and freed on bail late Monday.

According to authorities, the other four people arrested have also been released on bond.

According to Bheema Shankar Gulled, Deputy Commissioner of Police for East Bengaluru, Siddhanth Kapoor and the four others will have to appear before the police as and when they are summoned.

Earlier in the day, Siddhanth Kapoor was arrested for reportedly ingesting cocaine at a party in the city on Sunday night.

According to Mr. Guled, “Siddhanth Kapoor’s medical records reveal that he took narcotics. We’ve already taken him into custody and are following protocol. We’re going to put him under judicial custody.”

On the basis of a tip, police stormed a hotel on MG Road in the city where a party was being held on Sunday night.

“We learned last night that there is a party going on and that drugs have been consumed. We conducted a raid and captured 35 persons. We didn’t locate any drugs on them, but we did discover MDMA and ganja close. We’ll look through the CCTV footage to see who disposed of it “DCP Guled chimed in.

Medical tests were performed on samples of people suspected of using drugs, and Siddhanth’s sample came back positive. It was unclear whether they used drugs at the hotel or came to the party after taking drugs outside, according to police.

“The hotel has been notified, and we have asked specific questions, which they must respond to. The Bengaluru city police department has announced a narcotics war, and this was a part of it. We performed a raid earlier this month, and 34 persons tested positive for drugs “said the top officer of the police force.

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