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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Show Sharing Issues For Ram Setu And Thank God Crops Up Amid Ongoing Advance Booking

Since a few days ago, people have been able to begin making reservations in advance for Ram Setu and Thank God. However, there are a few single-screen theaters that have not yet been given permission to start taking reservations. It has been brought to the attention of those working in the exhibition industry that there have been problems with show sharing. When two major films compete for audience attention at the same time, this type of situation frequently arises. The fact that the holiday of Diwali will be celebrated on Monday, October 24, while Ram Setu and Thank God will arrive the following day, on Tuesday, October 25, has made things even more difficult than they already were. The exhibitors’ best hope was that they would have sold enough tickets by this point to be able to enjoy the Diwali celebration. However, because these theaters are unable to accept reservations in advance, the exhibitors are very frustrated.

This behavior is one that Manoj Desai, executive director of the G7 multiplex and Maratha Mandir Cinema, has spoken out against on numerous occasions. When a news agency asked him why he hasn’t opened bookings in Maratha Mandir, he was candid about the circumstances surrounding his predicament when speaking to the news agency.

He explained that the problem was not limited to the Maratha Mandir alone. It has occurred in a significant number of theaters with a single screen all around the country. Because the multiplex is not yet ready to accept reservations, we have been instructed not to begin taking bookings. Inki wajah se Diwali pe hum toh barbaad ho hi rahe hai. Main chahta hoon ki yeh log bhi barbaad ho jaaye. On Tuesday, the movies will be made available to the public. Even though it is now Sunday evening, we are not permitted to start taking reservations just yet. There is nothing that could be more awful and embarrassing than this.

In response to a question regarding the issue, he stated, “Ram Setu’s distributors are requesting more shows.” Even the distributors for Thank God are putting in the same request. Dono andar hi andar jhagad rahe hai. Aur isme hum phons gaye.

When can we anticipate that Maratha Mandir will begin accepting reservations in advance? “I asked the same inquiry just at the same moment back to Vinay Choksey of Aum Enterprise, who is the booker of our theater,” Manoj Desai moaned. He said to me, “Let the matter with sharing the multiplex show be resolved.” Kal sochte hai kya karna hai’. Can you imagine?”

He went on to say, “I had intended to perform two shows for Ram Setu and two shows for Thank God in Maratha Mandir.” However, Ram Setu’s distributors are not happy with the company’s performance. They have requested three shows, but we should only be able to give Thanks to God one of those slots. People who are so demanding seldom have any success with their movies. Satyanaash ho in logon ka!”

In the meanwhile, he has been granted permission to begin taking reservations for both films at the Gaiety-Galaxy, also known as the G7 multiplex. There were rumblings that even Black Adam’s distributors would ask for particular performances given that the brand’s performance over the weekend was satisfactory. Manoj Desai, however, provided clarification by saying, “There is no concern with reference to Black Adam.” The only reason we are going through this is because of Ram Setu and the distributors for Thank God.

Manoj Desai has a history of making resounding pronouncements, but this time, it is clear that the level of rage he is experiencing has significantly increased. He bemoaned the fact that only a single screen was available in the theater. There are a lot of single screens going out of business. I am managing this theater with a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.

As a parting statement, he stated, “This is not the first time. It has transpired in the case of a great number of movies. We have had enough.”

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