Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Section 144 Imposed In Jamshedpur After Clash Over Disrespect Of Religious Flag

Section 144 of CrPC was imposed Jamshedpur’s Shastrinagar on Sunday after clash between two groups and arson over disrespect of religious flag.

In the conflict between the groups, two shops and one auto-rickshaw were set ablaze and tear gas shells were fired by the Police to disperse the mob. To maintain law and order huge police force has been deployed all the over the area under Jharkhand’s Kadma police station.

Sub-Divisional Officer, Piyush Sinha said that prohibitory orders have been imposed under the Section 144 of CrPC in the area to maintain peace.

Meanwhile, District Deputy Commissioner, Vinaya Jadhav said that some anti-national elements are trying to disturb the tranquility.

Tensions were escalated in the region since members of a local body found that a piece of meat was tagged over the Ram Navami flag, said the police. Following the event, many other organizations lined up to protest against the act and demanded arrests of the culprits at the earliest.

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