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SC Dismisses Plea Seeking Warning Labels On Liquor Saying, ‘Small Quantity Can Be Good’

According to news sources, the Supreme Court on Friday rejected a recent request for warning labels to be placed on the liquor bottles that are sold in the nation, noting that “some argue consumption of booze in small quantities can be good.”

The top court also opted to reject a petition calling for restrictions on the manufacture, sale, and use of narcotics and alcoholic beverages in the nation’s capital as well as health warning labels on alcohol bottles similar to those found on cigarette packs.

According to the petition submitted by attorney Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, the government should provide health warnings for alcohol bottles that follow the same standards as those for warning signs on cigarette packs and that are promoted through electronic, print, and social media.

Before a panel led by Chief Justice U.U. Lalit, Upadhyay argued that he would only pursue a limited request to require warning labels on alcohol bottles because they are dangerous. He also insisted that the youth would profit from a little indulgence in this regard and pushed for warning labels to be placed on the bottles.

Upadhyay pleaded with the high court to give him permission to appeal the decision to the Law Commission. The bench responded, “No, we only permit withdrawal.” Upadhyay took his petition down.

The Supreme Court bench dismissed the argument and said that there are opposing viewpoints. Some people believe that moderate alcohol consumption is healthy, but equivalent claims are not made concerning smoking.

In accordance with Articles 21 and 47 of the Constitution, the Delhi government was also ordered in the plea to conduct “health effect assessments” and “environment impact assessments” of the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of intoxicating beverages and pharmaceuticals.

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