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Sachin Pilot Dismisses BJP-Backed Claim Of Congress Cross Voting For Him

BJP-backed independent Rajya Sabha candidate Subhash Chandra’s assertion that Congress MLAs crossed-voted for him during Friday’s elections for the upper chamber of parliament was slammed as “laughable” by Sachin Pilot today. “He was duped into contesting by the BJP, and he will be humiliated,” the Rajasthan Congress leader said.

“This is not a TV show or entertainment, Subhashji. This is a serious matter “Sachin Pilot remarked this as a jab at Zee chairman Vijay Mallya, who had reached out to him.

He commented immediately after the media mogul stated that four Congress MLAs would support him and urged Sachin Pilot to vote for him in order to “take revenge or send a message.”

Mr Chandra claimed that if Sachin Pilot did not seize the opportunity, he would not be able to become Chief Minister till 2028. “His father was a good friend of mine. Now that he is a youthful, popular leader, he has a chance. He can use this as a means of retaliation or to send a message “”Says the media tycoon.”

According to Sachin Pilot, the Congress has “more than enough” to win a third Rajya Sabha.

“Mr Chandra should specify who his four voters are since he has stated that he will receive four votes. There is no way for a party MLA to cross-vote because they are required to reveal their votes “According to the Congressman,

Rajasthan has four Rajya Sabha seats, with each candidate needing 41 votes to win in the 200-member assembly.

The Congress has 108 legislators, whereas the BJP has 71. The BJP has 30 surplus votes and is in a position to win one seat; it needs another 11 to win a second seat.

The Congress has a chance to gain two seats, but it will need 15 more votes to win the third. The party has gathered all of its MLAs at a resort to protect its flock.

“The Congress and all independent MLAs are united, regardless of how many MLAs (Mr Chandra) claims they have. We require 123, but we have a lot more “Mr. Pilot expressed his thoughts.

“They’re all in one area,” he explained, “so there’s no excessive pressure on them.” “Personally, I do not believe this is the best course of action. However, this has become the norm.”

Mr Pilot responded to Mr Chandra’s suggestion that enough Congress members are angry of the party to vote for him in the Rajya Sabha election: “No one is going to fall for his ruse. He’s in a desperate situation. There’s no way he could have won earlier, and there’s no chance he’ll win now. The Congress will come out on top.”

He said, ” “Only three days remain. All of this devious manoeuvring will come to naught. Let me assure the BJP that there is no benefit to be gained.”

The BJP has consistently claimed that Rajasthan Congress dissidents will support its nominee. Despite both leaders’ attempts to display togetherness, Sachin Pilot, who has been battling with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, is among the rebels.

The party’s pick of Rajya Sabha candidates – Randeep Surjewala, Mukul Wasnik, and Pramod Tiwari – is said to have inflamed internal dissent. They are all from other states, and local MLAs regard them as “outsiders.”

“National leaders from various states are represented in the Rajya Sabha by national parties. Anyone from any region of the world is eligible to compete. That is an option available to national parties. I’m curious as to why you never posed these questions to the BJP “Mr. Pilot expressed his thoughts.

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