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Rumours Of YRF’s 4th Dhoom Doing Rounds, John Abraham Likely To Return Back

Numerous famous actors have been linked to the well-known franchise Dhoom. John Abraham and his bike made a statement in the franchise’s first installment, followed by Hrithik Roshan with his disguises in the second, and Aamir Khan in a never-before-seen persona in the third. Unsurprisingly, there have been a lot of stories floating around about the cast of the fourth movie in the franchise, with some believing Shah Rukh Khan will play the major antagonist. Although there hasn’t been any new information on this development, John Abraham’s return to the Dhoom series has become a hot topic of conversation.

A reputable industry insider commented on the matter, telling Bollywood Hungama, “John Abraham broke the mould with his performance in the Shah Rukh Khan movie Pathaan earlier this year. He undoubtedly made waves with his portrayal of the major antagonist, and the audience also praised him for his work. It won’t be shocking if Yash Raj Films decides to cast him in a bad character once more. The insider responds, “There could be more truth to it than any other rumour,” when asked if there is any truth to these rumours. In reality, there have been daily meetings at YRF for the past few days, and John has been observed attending them numerous times. Any decisions that need to be made will be made at one of these meetings.

Interestingly, the source adds this explanation for why John Abraham might be joining the Dhoom franchise: “If you remember, the Dhoom conclusion was open ended. It wasn’t clear from the movie if John’s character had died or managed to flee. His potential comeback to the Dhoom series could take advantage of this ambiguity. Although it will undoubtedly be closed loop for continuity reasons, we wonder if the two films will be connected by a flashback scene revealing his character’s whereabouts in the interim.

After all is said and done, despite the fact that rumours about John Abraham joining the Dhoom franchise for Dhoom 4 appear to be picking up steam, a formal confirmation of the news is still awaited.

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