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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Residents Shifted Amid Land Subsidence And Sinking In J&K’s Doda District

Nearly seven homes in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district have developed cracks, which is uncannily identical to Joshimath. Government officials, according to media sources, are looking for a way to stop land from sinking and subsiding.

Residents of the Thathri town’s Basti area in the Doda region have relocated to live with friends or family. After then, a group of geologists and top district officials went to the area to determine the causes of the fissures, according to a news source.

In December, a house in the Doda district was said to have cracks. Six buildings had cracks up until yesterday, but they have now started to widen. Gradually, this area is sinking. Athar Amin Zargar, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Doda, stated that the government was working to find a solution as quickly as feasible.

A non-political civil society effort in Jammu and Kashmir requested on January 29 that the government implement preventive strategies and plans against the sinking and subsidence of lands in the Union Territory.

The “Group of Concerned Citizens” (GCC) J&K has raised concerns about increasing risks of land sinking and subsidence in various areas of the UT “in the wake of spurt in cuttings and excavations in mountainous terrains, in connection with railway, highway, motorway, and PMGSY projects,” according to a report. The memo was addressed to the Chief Secretary, Dr. A K Mehta.

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