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Reliance Jio Completes 5G Planning In 1000 Cities

According to Reliance Industries’ annual report for 2021–2022, telecom giant Reliance Jio has finished planning 5G coverage for 1,000 cities and conducted field trials of its own 5G telecom equipment.

According to the article, Jio has finished its 5G coverage strategy in the top 1,000 cities based on targeted user usage and income potential using heat maps, 3D maps, and ray tracing technology.

According to the study, Jio has actively tested a variety of 5G use cases, including augmented reality and virtual reality, low-latency cloud gaming, network slicing and multi-tenancy for video delivery, TV streaming, connected hospitals, and industrial applications.

The Mukesh Ambani-led telco placed first in the recently concluded 5G auctions, submitting a total bid of 88,078 crore for 24,740 MHz of spectrum spread across five bands. Jio was the first telco to purchase the exclusive premium 700MHz spectrum, which will allow it to roll out fully-fledged independent 5G networks. Jio also has exclusive access to the 3.5GHz channel, another essential 5G band.

To speed up research and standardization in 6G, Jio has also partnered with the University of Oulu in Finland, which is in charge of the first significant 6G research program in the world. Jio and Google engaged into a strategic relationship for Jio’s Cloud Solutions to support both Indian businesses and consumers’ 5G experiences.

The Department of Telecom estimates that 5G technology will have up to three times the spectrum efficiency and 10 times the download speed of 4G.

Jio, which rose to the top of the fixed broadband market and now targets connecting 50 million homes and 50 million MSMBs in India, sees fixed broadband as a big greenfield opportunity. Key differentiators will include its extensive intra-city fiber network, execution skills, exceptional customer experience, and varied suite and packaging of digital content, tech-enabled tools, and solutions.

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