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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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‘Rebirth of Communism in Bengal, COURTESY Mamta Banerjee’: PM Modi at Rally

“West Bengals Politicians are the major reason behind its condition, and there is a rebirth of Socialism under CM Mamta Banerjee,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared the government of Mamata Banerjee to a second version of the government of the Left Front in Bengal and said that under her rule there was a “rebirth of communism” The measure, he said, was that in the state, politics was criminalized and administration was politicised.

The policy of the state is “biggest reason for its condition,” he said.

At a political rally in Haldia, the Prime Minister said, “Bengal wants to ask Trinamool— those who fired on the people of Nandigram— why is she taking the same people in her party,”

Mr. Adhikari, a former Minister, was one of the many who joined the BJP over recent months, and was an importer from Trinamool. The exodus of politicians has become a point of contention between the two sides, but only the corrupt and sidelined leaders have officially been present at the BJP.

Criticising state leaders of corruption, PM Modi said they are “looking for opportunities for corruption” even in natural calamities like Cyclone Amphan. “The Centre gave free ration immediately. But the state failed to give it to the people,” he said.

At last, the court had to take a stand on corruption, he added.

“During Covid, lakhs of farmers here did not get any money, Lakhs of farmers should have benefitted from the Kisan Samman project, but did not. The state refused to join the programme,”The state refused to join the initiative.

This is the second official visit to Bengal through Prime Minister Narendra Modi within two weeks. After the “Jai Shri Ram” slogan uproar, he first came on the stream in January to celebrate the birthday of Netajis subhas, Chandra Bose, one of the icons of the state. Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee, who was extremely upset about the sloganeering and refused to proceed with her speech, sent the Prime Minister’s Office a negative RSVP for this programme.

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