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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Rapid Antigen Kit To Test Covid At Home Gets Approval. ICMR Issues Protocols

The Rapid Antigen Kits to test Covid at home was given approval in India on Wednesday, following which the Indian Medical Council of Research (ICMR) issued its set protocols on who can use it and how it should be used. 

The nodal body fighting Covid-19 has clearly recommended that only those who are symptomatic and whose immediate contacts have tested positive for the virus in the labs should use this home testing kit.

“All individuals who test positive may be considered as true positives and no repeat testing is required… All symptomatic individuals who test negative by RAT should get themselves immediately tested by RTPCR,” it said.

The CoviSelfTM (PathoCatch) COVID-19 OTC Antigen LF gadget was made by the Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions Ltd. The home test ought to be directed by the interaction definite in an application, which ought to be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple store, the ICMR said.

“The mobile app is a comprehensive guide of the testing procedure and will provide a positive or negative test result to the patient. All users are advised to click a picture of the test strip after completing the test procedure with the same mobile phone,” said ICMR.

The information from the phone will be centrally caught in a protected server which is associated with the ICMR COVID-19 testing portal, where all information will at the end be stored.

The nodal body assured that the patient confidentiality will leave not anyone with any doubt.

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