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Ranbir Kapoor And Family Land In Trouble After Complaint Filed Against Them For Hurting ‘Hindu Sentiments’

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and other Kapoor family members celebrated Christmas at their home. A video of them having a good time went popular on social media. Due to ‘hurting’ Hindu sentiments, a complaint has been lodged at the Ghatkopar police station in Mumbai against Ranbir and the other Kapoor family members. In light of the claimed insult, the complainant has sought that the Kapoor family be the subject of a formal complaint under IPC Sections 295, 509, and 34.

Through attorneys Ashish Rai and Pankaj Mishra of the Bombay High Court, Sanjay Dinanath Tiwari has filed this complaint. According to the complaint, there is a video circulating on social media that shows people purposefully calling upon Hindu gods and goddesses by dousing the cake in alcohol and setting it on fire.

The allegation claims that Ranbir Kapoor spent Christmas with his whole family. All of his family’s elders were present at this time, along with the kids. On social media, this video is swiftly becoming viral.

with this video, a cake is covered with wine and spirits, and Ranbir Kapoor extinguishes the cake by exclaiming, “Jai Mata Di.” As soon as Ranbir Kapoor says ‘Jai Mata Di’, the rest of the family members also say Jai Mata Di. It has been told in the complaint that after deliberately using drugs prohibited in the Hindu religion, all of them invoked Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with lighting of fire.

In Hinduism, one must invoke the fire deity first before calling upon any other gods or goddesses. There is no doubt that Ranbir Kapoor and his family members were aware of this information. Still, Ranbir Kapoor lighted a fire, called out to Gods and Goddesses, and chanted ‘Jai Mata Di’ on the occasion of a religious holiday, all on purpose.

The complainant’s and Sanatan Dharma’s religious feelings have suffered as a result of this kind of appeal. The purpose of creating and distributing this video is to offend the complainant’s religious beliefs.

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