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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Ram Temple To Be Built By 2025. Devotees To Be Allowed Before Completion

The Ram temple in Ayodhya will not be finished until 2025, however devotees may be able to visit and pray at the half completed complex by December 2023, according to people involved in the project.

“We are hoping to complete the main garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum) and the first floor of the temple by December 2023. This will help devotees visit and offer prayers to Ram Lalla,” a source said.

According to sources, the bricks collected by kar sevaks across the country during the zenith of the Ram temple movement may not be used in the temple’s construction. Furthermore, only about 70% of the carved stones at Karsevakpuram, the VHP-run Ayodhya factory, will be used.

“The main temple is going to be a complete stone structure. So those bricks, which do not have the composite strength required, cannot be used in the main temple. However, we are aware of their importance, given the devotee sentiment attached to these bricks, and will use them elsewhere in the temple complex,” said a source.

Kar sevaks had collected bricks or shilas inscribed with ‘Sri Ram’ in many languages from villages and households across the country in 1989, at the peak of the temple movement. These bricks have been laying at Karsevakpuram for over three decades, intended to be utilised in the construction of the temple once it was built. Sculptors have also started sculpting stones for use in the projected temple at the Karsevakpuram workshop.

The Ram Temple Construction Committee has planned to employ “as much as possible” of the 40,000 cubic feet of carved stones at Karsevakpuram and align the new carvings with those at the workshop, according to a source involved in the temple’s construction.

“Still, we will not be able to use more than 70 per cent of the old carvings as the temple requires a specific strength to its structure,” he said.

Nripendra Misra, a former principal secretary to the Prime Minister, is the chairman of the Ram Temple Construction Committee.

Fresh stones for the temple construction are being brought in from Banshi Paharpur in Rajasthan, according to sources. Mining of the pink sandstone had been halted due to court restrictions, but it has finally restarted.

Steel will not be utilised on the temple structure due to corrosion concerns, according to sources; instead, copper will be used.

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